Ronell Lawson

Ronell Lawson has been bullied for the majority of her life. It started off with one boy calling her crusty in the 5th grade. Then by the 6th grade she was being called ugly and stupid, quite a few people did that then. Along with a boy calling her "a cold hearted b**ch." Because she would not date him. This continued out to the 8th grade. When she got to the 9th grade she started dating a boy who gave her, her first kiss. When she caught him cheating he called her every name in the book and told her that she shouldn't be around he even made fun of her for having braces.. She took that to heart but kept pushing forward in life disregarding comments from people. Then during the summer of 2012 she got bullied because she had blue in her hair. She put the blue in hr hair to represent hope and bully prevention. People would call her smurf, stupid, and one 25 year old man told her to stick a gun in her mouth and end it now. She's only 15 born August 11th of 1997 and for a 25 year old man to list ways she should kill herself really got to her. The cops didn't do anything about it, but she knows she has to keep pushing to get farther in life.

Nathan Wright 

Nathan Wright Born on March 13th of 2005. Nathan started getting bullied in the 1st grade by a few of his classmates. He got picked on because he had a speech impediment and it was hard for him to pronounce a lot of words. Nathans mother got into a really bad car accident involving a drunk driver when she was pregnant with him leaving him partially damaged causing the speech impediment. The bullies ripped his coats and sometimes beat him up along with making fun of him. The only way they could stop them was to tell an adult. Nathan hid the fact he was being bullied for a few weeks until his aunt got him to explain where he got the bruises and how his coat really got ripped. She promised that she wouldn't tell anybody but when she found out her nephew was a victim to being bullied like she was, she had to take action. All of the boys that did it got suspended, put in different classrooms from him, and even moved. Nathan was also bullied by quite a few kids in his neighborhood, for example one 8-10 year old girl held him up by the collar of his shirt and threatened to beat him up if he didn't let her have his scooter.  

Jami Wise 

 Jami was in first grade when she was bullied, She 

was called fat ugly mannish and as she progressed 

through the years the comments got worse it got to 

the point where she started to cut herself just to 

deal with the pain of the horrid comments of 

everyone, the thing they kids who bullied her 

didn't know was that her home life wasn't that 

great she was dealing with an abusive alcoholic 

father who broke her moms neck and she had to 

take care of her till the day she died a year ago to 

this day she still gets called a b***h she now does 

not get called fat anymore just because she went 

through a time in my life where she refused to eat 

just because she wanted to meet society's 

definition of beautiful but she's here to tell you 

you need to make your own kind of beautiful and 

that if you keep you head up it will get better just 



Born on May 9th, 1995; a young lady is being currently bullied even though she turns 18 on may 9th, 2013.This young woman wants to remain anonymous. 
She had 8000$ braces on, she was forced to take them off because every time her bully would walk by her she'd get popped in the mouth. This has gone on for 5 years now. December 10th, 2012 she tried to commit suicide. This child has had her nose broke, black eyes, cheeks beaten in. Yesterday the Bully cussed her out so the other child after 5 years finally cussed her out and she received a ticket. Her mother was very upset seeing how her daughter had never cussed before and  lost her mouth on the December 10th, 2012. She ran away in April and is not going to school, her mother tries writing to her on face-book but she refuses to tell her mother where she is.

 Devin Sendelbach

Devon is currently 14 years old and has had nothing but issues with his peers since he was little. Devon has Aspergers Syndrome, this is on the Autism Spectrum. Since a young age kids just did not understand him, he was never invited to birthday parties, or any other gathering that his peers were invited to. At times he did not notice. When Devon was and is a smart kid. He doesn't always understand his peers or why they act a certain way. Yet, his peers did not understand why he acted a certain way either. This caused many of his peers to find things to make fun of him about. From the way he wore his shirts, the itchiness he got from his socks, the clearing his throat tick, his lack of care for what you like compared to what he liked, and his attention to rule following not just for himself but for all of his peers too. That is just a few of the things that brought on the bullies. When Devon was in middle school everything became clear that he was not going to get through this without better intervention. He was invited to the library one day and when Devon arrived the child was not there. But when he came outside to go home,the other child came up to Devon on the sidewalk with a group of boys. This is when they began calling him names and making fun of him." Hey retard, no one wants you around." Still sticks in his mind to this day. In 7th and 8th grade it got worse. He was pushed into a locker and while fighting to get away, was left with bruises and welts on his legs. He was knocked to the floor in gym class and kicked in the stomach. While changing for gym he was hit repeatedly with another person's belt. He was tripped while being called a "faggot" and fell down the stairs, he suffered a concussion. People threw things at him in class, in the hall, and while leaving the building. Students knocked his books out of his hands, and tore up his papers. Middle school years were hard, but he always felt like there was someone around who cared. Ronell, Haley, Johnathan  Allison, Adam, and Kenny are the names of the children that were the students that were always nice and had kind words to say to him. He struggles everyday with bullying. He hears the words being said behind him and no matter what he does or who he talks to it never seems to end. Devon is preparing to be a Sophomore in High School. With a school where he mostly feels safe, and he may lose that because the staff doesn't know how to serve a child with a disability. That is yet another form of bullying, we don't have time for those issues.



A girl age 11 is the only "white" girl at her school. She is called names daily, her teachers watch this happen and say nothing as a matter of fact her 5th grade teacher was just as big of a bully as the kids. She was pushed, taunted and made fun of all because she was not a Mexican-American in a small NM town. This same girl did not allow herself to be affected by their bullying she turned to school and homework as she only had a few real friends there. She told her parents and they did everything they could but it never stopped. She never tried to commit suicide and never would but I know it made her feel horrible on a daily basis. The taunts may have been rather juvenile such as calling her tack, burritos etc. But it still hurt seeing it was the 5th grade.

 Carolina Picchio

 Carolina was your average 14 year old girl in Novara, Italy. She was somewhat popular in her town. Unfortunately Carolina committed suicide by leaping to her death from her 3rd floor bedroom window in January after getting drunk at a party and being cyber-bullied by a gang of boys (14-17) who were allegedly friends of her ex boyfriends. The boys circulated many posts and a video directly aimed at Carolina. Her ex had insulted her on Facebook days earlier after she left him. A note to the boy which was found in her room by investigators stated “Isn’t what you have done to me enough? You have made me pay too many times,”
She also posted on her Facebook
“Forgive me if I am not strong. I cannot take it any longer.”  Meanwhile the Italian Parents Association is prosecuting Facebook for 'playing a role' in Miss Picchio's suicide.